• 5' 2"
  • 39"
  • 34"
  • 48"
  • 7.5
  • 14 AU
  • E
  • Blonde
  • Brown


Based in Brisbane, Queensland. (Meeanjin)
My name is Bianca and I'm half Czech and half Kiwi but born in Australia. I grew up living in Indonesia and Nigeria so have developed an interesting mixed accent adding to my mystery. I am both a model and a Registered Nurse in surgical care. I love going to f45 classes, roller skating and listening to podcasts.

Growing up I never felt represented in the media. I didn't fit the mould of a 'pretty girl' and that took a toll on my confidence. Since my introduction to modelling I've realised that I want to set an example for my younger self, where I am proud of everything I am. I believe that differences should be celebrated and hope that one day, no young girl will ever question her worth.