• 5' 2¾"
  • 33"
  • 36"
  • 7
  • 6-8 AU
  • C
  • Dark Blonde
  • Brown


Based in Sydney, NSW. (Cadi, Djubuguli)

Hi, my name is Daia Larie. I'm African American and Mexican and I was born and raised in LosAngeles, California. I moved to stunning Sydney, Australia in 2019. Modeling had always been my dream but growing up I never saw girls that looked similar to me in ads. As someone petite, with big curly hair, and dark skin I always felt different and never felt like I fit into the industry standard of "beautiful". As I got older I realized that you don't have to look like everyone to be considered beautiful. Being unique and bold, and unapologetically YOU is beautiful.

To me, representation is so important and I'm forever thankful to have an agency that is changing the beauty standard and allowing someone like me to make other people feel included and confident no matter their ethnicity, shape, age, color, or even hair type.