• 5' 3"
  • 31"
  • 37"
  • 7
  • 4-6 US / 8-10 UK / 36-38 EU
  • C
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown


Hi, I'm Genevieve but you can call me Gen! I'm a woman who's passionate about creativity & following what your heart truely desires. I have a Diploma & Bachelor Degree in Interior Design and being able to transform a space with my vision gives me so much joy. But apart from that I am such a huge believer in finding your passions and purpose that don't just meet the "9-5 criteria" - doing what you love with a sense of purpose is priceless & thats why I love being in the modelling industry as a young ethnic woman. I am half Chilean & half Filipino and growing up I never saw models or 'successful' people who looked like me and that's why when I'm on set or even through social media, I remind myself that someone out there needs to see me doing what I do in all aspects of life to give them the courage to step out and to Just Do it. Women, especially those of colour need to be reminded that anything is possible. You just need to apply yourself and put in the work in the good and bad times because every season serves a lesson . 
You are beauty, You are you! That is your super power, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!