• 5' 4"
  • 25"
  • 36½"
  • 6-8 AU
  • XS
  • B
  • Brown
  • Green

Abbey Haberecht

Based in NSW (Eora Nation)

Hi, I am Abbey I am an Italian/Wiradjuri woman living the land of the Cadigal people of the Eora nation.

Fashion is an artform which can be used to tell stories, pay homages, be creative and experiment, thats why i love styling and curating looks enviromentally friendly using up-cycled, thrifted, vintage and sustainable pieces inspired by my heritage as well as my travels.

Catch me on both sides of the camera… I am a mixed media and photo artist, working with mediums of still image, moving image, and digital illustration. Through my work I aim to break boundaries, story tell, make statements and explore identity.

I am passionate about self care and spend a lot of time listening to music, training Muay Thai, practicing yoga and running. Community plays such an important role in my life, as I am able to learn from multiple people and places, as well as give back to community and form strong bonds and relationships.