• 5' 6"
  • 36"
  • 26½"
  • 37½"
  • 9
  • 8-10 AU
  • C
  • Brown
  • Blue


Based in Santiago, USA. 
I aim to be a life-long student, not to always be in school, but to always continue learning. I recently graduated from UCLA, where I studied anthropology, and I am now working on receiving my teaching credential. I love to read, draw, and spend time talking with my friends trying to figure out why we’re all so similarly strange. I think this is what I love most about people; we’re all so different but undeniably connected. A passion of mine is learning about socioemotional healing and finding ways to implement it as a practice into daily life on the individual and community scales. I plan to bring this knowledge into all the work I do. One lens through which I’ve been learning socioemotional healing has been through that of radical self-love. In one of my favorite books, The Body is not an Apology--which I would recommend to everyone and anyone ever, Sonya Renee Taylor beautifully iterates this guiding principle which I live by:

“Radical self-love summons us to be our most expansive selves, knowing that the more unflinchingly powerful we allow ourselves to be, the more unflinchingly powerful others feel capable of being. Our unapologetic embrace of our bodies gives others permission to unapologetically embrace theirs.”