Everi-Body is all about diversity and inclusivity. 
Beauty is confidence no matter your size, shape, height or ethnicity!

Our mission is to diversify the industry so that every single person can see themselves represented.
We all deserve to have relatable people visible to us.

Everi’s Founder Nikki Mann has worked in Los Angeles, California with some of the top models and clients in the industry since 2017. When she returned to Australia, she saw a lack of diversity in the market and that's when Everi was born.

We value individuality. We value YOU!

We want to help make a change in the fashion industry for it to be a healthy environment for everyone, mentally and physically.
No one should be told to lose weight or gain weight to fit a certain look. As long as you are happy and healthy that is all that matters.

We love you, just the way you are.