• 5' 11½"
  • 36½"
  • 30"
  • 38"
  • 42
  • 10 AU
  • S
  • 30
  • Green-Brown



Based in Sydney (Gadigal), NSW.

Sandy McIntyre is a multidisciplinary Actor, Model, Presenter, Writer, and Producer. Sandy’s production career has them specialising within casting and field producing which has allowed them to earn a name for themselves in regard to ensuring there's authentic LGBTQIA+ representation on Australian screens.

In 2020 they created the online platform Queerful, which is a space to tell queer stories, share queer experiences and educate not only those within the community but those who’re cis, heterosexual and may have some questions unanswered.

Since then, they’ve begun writing for online publication Channel Void, walked for Camilla, Acler, Dom Bagnato and closed for Jack London during Fashion Week, modelled for Levi’s + Cotton On, has become the first Australian Non-Binary ambassador for Kérastase, and is starring in Superwog’s new online series as well as having a supporting role in season two of Mikki VS The World for the abc.