• 5' 8"
  • 34½"
  • 25½"
  • 37"
  • 9
  • 8 AU
  • S
  • DD


My name is Elizabeth. I was born in Sydney, Australia but am deeply connected and proud of my East Asian roots.

Creativity fuels my soul, whether it's through design, painting, photography, modeling, or content creation. Each form of expression is a journey of self-discovery for me, urging me to explore deeper within myself. It was through this exploration that I discovered my love for being in front of the camera, and ultimately as a model I strive to serve as an influence for young girls and boys who share my appearance - a role that I lacked while growing up in Australia.

Beyond the world of creativity, I'm passionate about staying active. With a background of 12 years as a figure skater, I've recently taken an interest in bouldering and dancing as new avenues for physical expression and growth.