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Based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. (Yugambeh Region)

Myname is Isabel Laver,I'm a born and raised Gold Coast girl and a proud Zim babwean-Australian.

I'm a creative through and through!I've been acting since I was four years old and graduated NIDA in 2022 with a diplom a ofstage and screen.Since a young age,I've loved throwing myselfintoanything that allowed me toexpress myselfcreativity.I've alsobeen luckytogrow upin a household that encouraged myself-expression.My amazing mum is a fashion designer with her own label and through her,I was introduced tothe modelling industry.Mymum would bring me along tofashion shows and shoots and I found it absolutelyfascinating.I loved watching a team ofcreatives at workand I particularlyloved watching the models bring mymum's garments tolife.

Being mixed-race I've always struggled with myidentity.I never felt like I belonged or fit in!Most ofthe time I felt like an alien among mypeers.It wasn't until I was a young adult that I fullyembraced myselfand everything that makes me unique.And in all honestyyes I sometimes still feel like an alien but now I thinkit's kinda cool tofeel otherworldly!As an adult,I've decided touse mypassion for creativitytohelpcreate change.Diversityis soincrediblyimportant and I'm grateful tohave the opportunityto helpcreate space for people wholooklike me through a medium that I love!