• 5' 10"
  • 42"
  • 34"
  • 44"
  • 9
  • 12-14 AU
  • DD
  • Green


Currently based In New Zealand. 

Hey, I’m Sâde ( pronounced shar-day ), and I am currently living the dream on the beautiful Gold Coast. My family moved around a lot when I was growing up, I’ve been to more schools than I can count on my hands and feet, so socially I tend to be a little more on the awkward side.

Home for me is more of a feeling than a place. Present day I find that feeling inside of myself, but growing up my body was the last place I felt at home in.
The industry is hot and cold for me, I’ve always loved the potential of the industry but have been hesitant because of the unrealistic expectations of the industry. Now that I’m older, that I can feel safe in my skin, I want to use that potential to show teenage me and everyone else that has ever felt that they weren’t enough, that looking in the mirror isn’t a scary thing, that having physical flaws is a beautiful thing and that home is always wherever you are.