• 5' 8"
  • 46"
  • 39"
  • 49"
  • 10
  • 16-18 AU
  • DD
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown


Based in Melbourne (Naarm), VIC

I am originally from New Zealand, now based in Melbourne, Australia and hold a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and Maori Indigenous. Proudly Maori, Samoan and Chinese. Recently have been recognised as an impactful Leader in Financial services, Specialising in secured lending. I love to Travel, meeting equally curious people and spent a year abroad living in Spain. I can often be found in spirited social issues debate, exploring laneway cafes and art exhibitions or planning my next adventure. 

I am also a singer/ songwriter and have shared a personal journey of overcoming challenges and performed for thousands in New Zealand and pacific islands. In addition to supporting hundreds through outreach and high school anti-bullying campaigns - I am passionate about making a positive difference wherever I go.